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One of the easiest things to do is to predict sporting events. It’s predicting these games accurately that’s so difficult.

Outrageous claims and free solicitations by the mountebanks who have invaded the professional handicapping business have had a negative impact on the number of people they have alienated. Now anyone with a website becomes an instant professional football handicapper.

If these so called football handicapper’s do not succeed at first, they simply try again with a new website or a new name.

It is not unusual for these football handicappers to publish many football handicapping sites with different names, while concealing the fact that they are from the same office or business.

They become multi-monitored for the purpose of shotgun football picks, employing a bingo method in an attempt to gain a football handicapping reputation for advertising purposes.

Many will spew a ton of free picks in the hopes of a winning day just to sign a customer. Unfortunately, they have caused all of us to be painted with the same brush.

All any mature player can hope for is to have an honest, reputable, experienced professional football handicapper calling the shots…an analyst., if you will.

The sucker seeks instant gratification and the charlatans of this business feed that neurotic need with promises that have nothing to do with performance.

For those people seeking 80% winners we can only say good luck. We hope that the pursuit of this impossible dream doesn’t turn into a financial nightmare. Football Handicapping Contest

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