Help people save money on their prescriptions while earning an income!

Program Benefits

  • Ability to do something worthwhile and give back to the community. As more people are now uninsured or paying higher deductibles and copays, there is a greater need for access to affordable healthcare.
  • Everyone can use the card, no eligibility requirements.
  • No personal information required to obtain a free card.
  • No activation needed. All cards are active.
  • Industry leading pricing tool so your cardholders can find the lowest available pricing at their local pharmacies.
  • The opportunity to work independently and on your own schedule.
  • No need to sell anything as you give our product away for free, no membership or enrollment fees.
  • Better than one-time acquisition models. We choose to offer people residual income, as the card never expires so people can use it again and again.
  • No experience required as we will provide training to help you succeed.
  • We do not charge agents any monthly or annual fees.

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