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How to DIY Your Next Move Without Going Insane

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Family unloading a moving van and bringing the boxes into their new home.
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Moving is stressful, no matter what—but it’s also expensive. That’s why many people opt to go the DIY route and keep costs down. Here are some tips for doing your next move yourself.

Let’s look at the details for a DIY move, such as recruiting your friends, hiring extra help, the best boxes to use, and some packing and unpacking tips. Don’t worry—you totally got this!

Recruit All Your Friends

Try to spend moving day surrounded by as many friends as possible. The more hands you have on deck, the easier and more fun it’ll be. Those who aren’t strong enough to lift heavy boxes can do random jobs, like hauling last-minute donations to the thrift store, picking up pizza, or cleaning.

You can wrangle friends, coworkers, relatives, and even your kids’ babysitter to help out. The more, the merrier—and the faster you’ll get done.

It’s also worth hiring some help. They’ll help you load and unload, but don’t drive the truck. They’re also paid an hourly rate (plus tip). You can look into Hire A Helper, as well as smaller companies that enlist local college students. Just make sure the hired helpers are bonded or insured.

Definitely reimburse your friends. Most are happy to help in exchange for some pizza, ice cream bars, snacks, or a cold beer at the end of the day. Don’t forget to have some chilled bottled water on hand, too. If you’re moving locally, a home-cooked meal for everyone after you’ve settled into your new place is a nice bonus.

Make sure to blast some catchy tunes to keep everyone’s spirits high, and try to avoid making anyone feel overworked.

Book Your Vehicle and Equipment

When it comes to DIY moving, you have to coordinate and schedule everything yourself. Make sure you plan well in advance, as trucks and trailers can book out—especially if your move falls on a long weekend or the day college lets out.

Here are some details to consider when booking your moving equipment.

Renting a Truck

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