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Why is Skin Care Regimen Important?

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skin care regimen
Image Courtesy : Burst via pexels.com

People who have diabetes and auto-immune diseases are prone to skin damage and wounds which when left untreated can result in serious health issues. One of my friend’s parents underwent something similar when they visited a dermatologist for help with extremely cracked feet. While taking the necessary treatment, it turned out that some infection spread from the cracked heel to the entire leg immediately within a day and pus started to pour out of the wound. It has been over a month and the wound is still undergoing treatment.

This is when I realized skin care is not just about vanity but has a long term impact on your health. Skin is the biggest protection against germs and environmental assaults on our body. Over time neglect, from a few weeks to few years, can damage this barrier and the effects are usually visible instantly when you begin to see your skin cracking or turning extremely dry. What we do not realize is that if we let this damage continue, especially when we are above 30 and our skin repair capabilities reduce, we are putting our health at jeopardy and no critical illness cover or health insurance for parents takes care of those expenses.

How to create a basic skin care regimen?

1. Moisturizing is Important.

Whether you are a guy or a gal, applying a body lotion is not just about looking good. It keeps skin from cracking and stops the dead skin build up. One of my friends also shared that not applying lotion caused a lot of itching when she was pregnant which in turn lead to a lot of stretch marks.

2. Cutting nails is Important.

I am not so sure how true this is for the current generation but I remember seeing my grandparents’ nails to have grown and hardened so much that they would look like claws. Recently I saw someone in mid-thirties doing the same. Not only does it look extremely unkempt but it can be dangerous for you since the nail becomes brittle leading to a bad case of nail breakage.

3. Foot Care must be Impeccable.

You do not have to take regular pedicures but soaking your feet for 10 minutes in warm water once a month and following up with moisturizing twice a day is enough to keep the heels soft and crack-free. It is easier to cut nails when they have been soaked in warm water. Wash your socks after one wear and keep your shoes clean and odour-free.

Skin care regimens and grooming are usually familial hand-me-downs. Children follow what they see their parents doing. As we are moving towards a new year, protect your family’s health by helping your loved ones cultivate healthy skin care regimen as a part of their daily routine.

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