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What is a TTY on Linux? (and How to Use the tty Command)

Typewriter for teletype
June Marie Sobrito/Shutterstock.com

What does the tty command do? It prints the name of the terminal you’re using. TTY stands for “teletypewriter.” What’s the story behind the name of the command? That takes a bit more explaining.

Teleprinters From the 1800s

In the 1830s and 1840s, machines known as teleprinters were developed. These machines could send typed messages “down the wire” to distant locations. The messages were typed by the sender on a keyboard of sorts. They were printed on paper at the receiving end. They were an evolutionary step in telegraphy, which had previously relied on Morse and similar codes.

Messages were encoded and transmitted, then received, decoded, and printed. There were several techniques used to encode and decode the messages. The most famous, and one of the most prolific, was patented in 1874 by Émile Baudot, for whom the baud rate is named. His character encoding scheme pre-dated ASCII by 89 years.

Baudot’s encoding eventually became the closest thing to a standard in teleprinter encoding, and it was adopted by most manufacturers. Baudot’s original hardware design had only five keys, similar to piano keys. The operator was required to learn a particular key combination for each letter. Eventually, the Baudot encoding system was coupled to a traditional keyboard layout.

To mark that advancement, the machines were named teletypewriters. This was shortened to teletypes and eventually to TTYs. So that’s where we get the acronym TTY from, but what has telegraphy got to do with computing?

ASCII and Telex

When ASCII arrived in 1963, it was adopted by the teletype manufacturers. Despite the invention and widespread use of the telephone, teletypes were still going strong.

Telex was a worldwide network of teletypes that allowed written messages to be sent around the globe. They were the principal means of transmitting written messages in the period following World War II up to the fax machine boom of the 1980s.

Computers were evolving too. They were becoming capable of interacting with users in real time, and of supporting multiple users. The old batch method of working became insufficient. People didn’t want to wait 24 hours or longer for their results. Making stacks of punched cards and waiting overnight for results was no longer acceptable.

People needed a device that would allow them to enter instructions and get results sent back to them. People wanted efficiency.

The Teletype Repurposed

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How to Change a Shape Using Edit Points in Microsoft PowerPoint

powerpoint logo

PowerPoint gives you pretty good editing control over shapes you insert into a presentation. Whether you want to merge two shapes or change a shape using its edit points, PowerPoint has a way.

First, open PowerPoint and select the shape that you want to change. If you don’t already have a shape inserted in your presentation, you can do so by going to Insert > Shapes > Select Shape. In this example, we’ll be using an isosceles triangle.

A green isosceles triangle in PowerPoint

Once you’ve selected your shape, you’ll notice a new “Shape Format” tab appear. Go ahead and select it.

Select the Shape Format tab

Next, head over to the “Insert Shapes” group and click the “Edit Shape” button.

edit shape in insert shape group

A drop-down menu will appear. From the menu, select the “Edit Points” command.

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Daily News Roundup: FTC Fines Facebook $5 Billion

Following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) moved to fine Facebook $5 billion for violating the terms of a consent decree. The settlement represents the largest fine the FTC has ever levied against a company.

In early 2018, reports that Cambridge Analytica had detailed information about millions of Facebook users began to spread. The company (through third parties) created an app called “This is Your Digital Life” that claimed to be a personality quiz. Everyone who took the quiz shared information about themselves to Cambridge Analytica. But, they also shared data about every one of their friends to the company as well.

Even if you never took the quiz, your data could have shared to Cambridge Analytica. Eventually, Facebook admitted that over 87 million users had their data shared, whether or not they took the quiz.

At the time, Facebook was under an FTC consent decree in which the company promised not to make deceptive promises concerning user’s data security, and to get explicit permission before overriding a user’s permission settings, among other commitments.

This latest settlement charges that Facebook violated the decree. While $5 billion is the largest fine the FTC has ever issued, Facebook will likely survive with relative ease. The company had already set aside $3 billion in anticipation of the fine and made three times that in revenue in its last fiscal quarter. [Ars Technica]

RELATED: How to Check If Cambridge Analytica Has Your Facebook Info

In Other News:

  • Amazon Prime Day is underway: Amazon’s annual Prime Day started today and will go through the end of tomorrow. Remember, the only to really save money is not to spend it. And it’s only a discount if you were going to buy it anyway. We recommend checking sites like camelcamelcamel for pricing history too. [ReviewGeek]
  • Google kills its Blog Compass app: Google released an app in India called Blog Compass about ten months ago. It was designed to make managing Word Press and Blogger on the go easier. It didn’t last long though, as the company is already shutting the app down. [9to5Google]
  • Some Logitech USB receivers vulnerable to hack without update: Over three years ago Logitech confirmed its receivers were vulnerable to a particularly easy hack. A bad actor could detect the USB dongle, and take it over, allowing them to type on the connected PC. Logitech created firmware to patch the problem, but it still sells receivers without the firmware. Downloading patches from Logitech’s site is the best way to be safe. [The Verge]
  • K12.com accidentally exposed 7 million student records: Another day, another data leak: this time it’s your kid’s data on the line. K12.com, an online school for (as its name suggests) kindergarten through 12th grade, accidentally exposed the records of 7 million students. The data resided on a misconfigured server, which is, unfortunately, a common occurrence. [Engadget]
  • Hulu is bringing 4K streaming back: Hulu used to offer 4K streaming, but removed the feature “temporarily.” Now the company is once again offering high resolution streaming, but only to the Apple TV 5th generation and Chromecast Ultra to start. Hulu isn’t offering HDR yet either. [AppleInsider]
  • Watch a deleted storyboard scene from Tim Burton’s Batman: Usually, a deleted scene in storyboard format wouldn’t be something worth watching. But in this deleted scene, not only did Tim Burton introduce the caped crusader’s sidekick, Robin, Kevin Conroy and Mark Hammill provide the voices of Batman and Joker. Those two arguably gave us the best animated versions of Batman and Joker to this date. [Gizmodo]
  • Microsoft’s Word Android app has been installed over a billion times: Microsoft’s Windows Phone may be dead, but its mobile ambitions aren’t. You’ll find dozens of Microsoft apps on both Android and iOS. And now, its Word app has passed over a billion installs. That number likely included pre-packaged installs, but it’s still a pretty significant number in any case. [Android Police]

A new treatment may help some bats survive white noise syndrome.

If you have been on a cave tour with bats recently, you might have been surprised by the trip you took after the tour was over—a walk through a disinfectant mat. In some cases, you may have stepped through the Lysol solution before the trip as well.

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Update Your Logitech Wireless Dongle Right Now

Logitech Unifying Receiver plugged into a laptop

Do you use a Logitech wireless mouse or keyboard on your PC or Mac? There’s a good chance your device is vulnerable to the “MouseJack” attack. Devices sold prior to 2016 are vulnerable, but many devices sold afterward are, too.

As Sean Hollister at The Verge reports, the MouseJack attack lets a nearby attacker break into a Logitech USB receiver connected to your computer. They can connect their devices to it and send all the keyboard input they want. Just by sending keyboard input, the attacker could download malware or wipe your PC.

This problem was reported in 2016. To fix it, Logitech rolled out a firmware update. However, Logitech never recalled existing devices offered for sale. Even if you bought a new device in the last few years, it could be vulnerable. This update may not even be offered through Logitech’s standard desktop software for some reason. You may have to go out of your way to find, download, and run it.

To fix the problem, visit this page on Logitech’s website, download the appropriate update, and install it. For Logitech unifying receivers (USB dongles), updates are available for both Windows PCs and Macs. There’s also a separate update to install if you have a Logitech G900 gaming mouse.

If you’re not sure whether you’ve ever installed the firmware update or whether your new receiver came with the new firmware or not, just download the update and try installing it. The updater will let you know if all your devices are up to date.

As Logitech notes, this tool will also update the firmware on some specific vulnerable Logitech wireless keyboards at the same time. Ensure they’re connected while running the updater:

If you have K780 MULTI-DEVICE WIRELESS KEYBOARD, K375s MULTI-DEVICE KEYBOARD, WIRELESS TOUCH KEYBOARD K400 PLUS, MK850 PERFORMANCE or ILLUMINATED LIVING-ROOM KEYBOARD K830 connected with your Unifying receiver, the tool will guide you to update the firmware on the keyboard as well.

"All Logitech products are up to date" message from Logitech's updater.

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Alexa Could Come to Windows 10’s Lock Screen

Windows 10 light wallpaper

Move over, Cortana: Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant could come to Windows 10’s lock screen. A small, quiet change to a new Windows 10 Insider build will enable “third-party digital assistants” on the lock screen.

Microsoft isn’t betting too big on Cortana as a digital assistant anymore. You can already download Alexa for Windows 10, and Cortana has already left Windows 10’s search bar. Now, Cortana won’t be the only voice assistant with access to your PC’s lock screen.

This change arrived in Windows 10 Insider build 18362.10005. Buried in a list of small fixes, Microsoft’s blog post says this build includes:

A change to enable third-party digital assistants to voice activate above the Lock screen.

Based on this comment, it looks like Amazon’s Alexa will be getting access to the lock screen. All Amazon has to do is enable this feature. Google (or even Apple) could integrate with this, too—but only Amazon offers a Windows 10 app for Alexa.

This particular insider build is for Windows 10 19H2, which will arrive in the second half of 2019—likely around October 2019. Alexa could be coming to your PC’s lock screen later this year.

Alexa saying "I'm ready" on Windows 10

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How to Record a Phone Call on Your iPhone

An iPhone, Shure SM58 Microphone, and headphones all connected to an H5 Zoom recorder, lying on a table.

Apple is pretty strict when it comes to what apps are allowed to do on its platform, and it draws a hard line on call recording. But with a little hackery, you can record a phone call from your iPhone. Here’s how.

First, Know the Local Laws

Before we go into how to do this, it’s important to understand whether recording a phone call is legal. The super-short version is if you’re an active participant in the call, you’ve got a good chance that it’s legal. If you’re not, it’s almost definitely illegal. The slightly longer version is that various state and federal laws cover the topic. To further muddy the waters, these laws also vary by country. There’s a fairly comprehensive list on Wikipedia, but as with everything on Wikipedia, find a second source for your local laws. Rev, a company we’ll talk about below, also has an excellent blog post on the subject.

It boils down to the two types of consent: one-party and two-party (which is a bit of a misnomer). One-party consent means you can record a call as long as you are on that call. Most U.S. states, the federal statute, and most other countries require one-party consent. Two-party consent means everyone on a call must approve of the recording, whether it’s two people, three people, or more. There are several U.S. states and some countries that require two-party consent. Again—research your local laws.

The penalty for not complying with the law varies, ranging from civil to criminal litigation. When in doubt, clearly state at the beginning of a call that it’s being recorded and ask everyone to affirm that this is okay.

So, now that we’re legal let’s get to it. There are two methods you can use to record a phone call on an iPhone: hardware or software. We’ll outline the options for each below from the simplest to the most complex.

The Simplest Option: Speakerphone and a Voice Recorder

Hardware call recording can be as simple as putting a call on speakerphone and setting a digital recorder down next to your phone. The Sony Voice Recorder ICD-PX Series is a highly rated option on Amazon for $60. It has a built-in bbUSB plug, MicroSD expansion, and includes a lavaliere mic in case you ever want to record someone face-to-face.

But this method works with any voice recorder. Just arm it to record, put your phone on speakerphone, and record away. If you never plan to broadcast the recording and it’s just for personal notes, this option is probably for you. If you need higher quality, though, things get a bit more complicated.

The Software Option: Recording a Call with Rev Call Recorder

Apple doesn’t allow apps to record a phone call on your device. However, there are some apps you can get that will enable you to record via a three-way conversation. The call is routed through the company’s servers, where it’s recorded. It’s a crafty little workaround if you need something more refined than a speakerphone call recorded on a voice recorder but don’t want to invest in specialized recording hardware.

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Are You Watching 4K Content? Here’s How to Tell

A couple of athletes play soccer on a 4K TV.
Krivosheev Vitaly/Shutterstock

A common complaint about 4K TVs is that they don’t look any better than HD TVs. But the problem is rarely the TV’s fault. Often, the content that you’re watching simply isn’t in 4K.

As you’d expect, TVs know what resolution they’re displaying. But they generally won’t tell you. Most TVs don’t have an option to check whether you’re watching something in 4K, 1080p, or any other resolution. You’ll need to understand what content is available instead.

Why You Can’t Tell the Difference Between 4K and HD

There are several reasons why your new 4K TV may look identical to your old HD TV. The issue may be that your source video isn’t actually in 4K, but before we get into that, let’s knock out some of the more typical reasons why your 4K TV looks just like an HD TV:

  • Your TV Is Small: Resolution is determined by the number of pixels in an image. As screens get larger, the space between those pixels increases, which can decrease the visual quality of an image. That said, 1080p starts looking “bad” at around 60″, and that’s where you can really see the difference between 4K and HD.
  • Your TV Needs Calibration: Like a computer monitor, your TV needs to be calibrated for color, brightness, and contrast. This is usually done by the manufacturer, but if you’re disappointed by the quality of your TV, then it probably needs to be calibrated. Additionally, you should turn off any motion smoothing on your TV.
  • Your TV Is Cheap: Not to be rude or condescending, but cheap TVs can look like crap. If a 4K TV is made from cheap components, then it may not look any better than an HD TV. Plus, some cheap 4K TVs aren’t UHD TVs, which means that they lack modern contrast and coloring technologies. (UHD is the TV equivalent of Apple’s Retina display).
  • You’re Using RCA Cables: Don’t use the colored jacks behind your TV, use an HDMI cable. RCA cables have been around since the ’50s, and while newer component RCA cables are capable of transmitting high-resolution video signals, they’re almost always capped at 1080p.
  • It’s Just You: All humans are capable of seeing the difference between 4K and 1080p. 4K is four times the resolution of 1080p, after all. But if your expectations are too high, the difference may seem negligible to you.

If your 4K TV still looks bad despite its size, price tag, and proper calibration, then the issue probably lies with your source video.

Upscaling can help make 1080p content look better on a 4K TV. But upscaling isn’t magic, and you’ll get the best picture with native 4K content.

Cable Doesn’t Support 4K Yet

For whatever reason, you can’t get cable in 4K. The high-resolution format has been around for a long time, but it’s generally useless if you’re just watching cable TV. Some set-top boxes support 4K streaming and video downloads, but don’t let the cable company fool you, cable TV maxes out at 1080p.

In some cases, cable looks different (not objectively better or worse) on 4K TVs. This is the byproduct of better, brighter, and clearer lighting technologies; it has nothing to do with the higher resolution.

Are You Actually Streaming in 4K?

Netflix, Amazon Video, and a host of other streaming platforms boast their 4K streaming plans. But even with these streaming plans, most of the video that you’re streaming isn’t actually in 4K. It’s not that you’ve fallen victim to false advertising, it’s just that most content on streaming services predates 4K, hasn’t had a formal 4K release, or isn’t licensed for 4K viewing on streaming platforms.

If you want to check whether or not your favorite shows are in 4K, HD-Report has a comprehensive list of 4K titles on Netflix and Amazon Video. As of right now, Hulu doesn’t have any 4K content (but it used to). You’ll only get the 4K content on Netflix if you’re paying for the more expensive Premium plan. All Amazon Prime members get Amazon Prime Video’s 4K content with no extra fee.

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How Alexa Listens for Wake Words

Alexa on a table with a speech bubble that says, "Did you say Alexa?"

Alexa is always listening but not continually recording. It doesn’t send anything to cloud servers until it hears you say the wake word (Alexa, Echo, or Computer). But listening for wake words is harder than you might think.

Echo hardware isn’t all that intelligent. Without the internet, any request or question you ask will fail. This is because your commands are sent off to the cloud for interpretation and decisions. Amazon doesn’t want every conversation you have in front of a smart speaker to be recorded, but rather, just the commands you give the smart speaker. For this reason, the company employs a wake word to get the smart speaker’s attention. To accomplish this, Amazon uses a combination of fine-tuned microphones, a short memory buffer, and neural net training.

Fine-Tuned Microphones Pinpoint Your Voice

Amazon Echo dot 3 with the light blue LED ring lit up.
The light blue LED will always face the direction of your voice. Amazon

Voice assistant speakers, like Echo and Echo Dot, typically have multiple built-in microphones. The Echo Dot, for instance, has seven. That array gives the devices several abilities, from hearing commands spoken far away, to separating background noise from voices.

The latter is especially helpful for wake word detection. Using its multiple microphones, the Echo can pinpoint your location relative to where it’s sitting and listen in that direction while ignoring the rest of the room.

You see this in action whenever you use the wake word. Stand to the side of an Echo or Echo Dot and say the wake word. Notice the ring lights up in dark blue, and then a lighter blue as it circles and “points” toward you. Now, move several steps to the side and say the wake word once again. Notice the light-blue lights follow you.

Knowing where you are, helps the device focus on you better and tune out noises coming from elsewhere.

Short Memory Keeps the Speaker from Holding Too Much

Echo devices have plenty of storage, but they don’t use much of it. According to Rohit Prasad, the Vice President at Amazon and Head Scientist of Alexa Artificial Intelligence, an Echo can only physically store a few seconds of audio.

By reducing its capability, Amazon not only gives you more privacy (it’s one less place your voice is stored) but also prevents Echo from listening to entire conversations, limiting its focus to finding the wake word.

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How to Change Your Apple ID Email Address

A MacBook, iPad, Apple Watch, several iPhones, and other Apple accessories on a table.
Alexy Boldin/Shutterstock

If you get a new email address or no longer have access to an old one, updating your Apple ID is important for protecting your account. Here’s how to update your Apple ID.

Changing the email address you use as your Apple ID isn’t difficult under the right circumstances. If your Apple ID is a third-party email address, such as gmail.com or outlook.com, you can choose another third-party address when changing your Apple ID. But if your Apple ID is an Apple email address, like icloud.com, you’re unlikely to be able to change your Apple ID at all.  We’ll cover that scenario in more detail below.

Changing Your Apple ID

To get started, head to appleid.apple.com and sign in.

Log in at appleid.apple.com.

Next, click “Edit” in the “Account” section of the page.

Click "Edit" in the "Account" section.

Under your Apple ID, click “Change Apple ID.”

Click "Change Apple ID"

Type the email address you want to use as your new Apple ID, and then click “Continue.”

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Google Home Setup Part 2 – Google Home Troubleshooting

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBwiRlOWZNo?feature=oembed&w=500&h=281]

In the last video, Handyguys Brian and Paul went over the initial setup of the Google Home Device. In this video, The Handyguys will go over Google Home troubleshooting in order for the owner to have a more efficient experience.

Google Home Troubleshooting

After initially setting up the Google Home on your smart phone device, the device will continue on teaching you how to use the device. The downloaded application will tell you to ask a question to the Home in order to set it up. The Google Home has the capability to answer simple as well as more complicated questions. For example, Google Home can give you daily updates on the weather and news locally, nationally, as well as internationally. You can always stop the device simply by telling it to stop.

What the Google Home Can Do

Like the Amazon Echo, the Google Home can also play music from different applications on your smart phone device such as YouTube, Google Music, Apple Music, and Spotify. You can sync the applications to play from playlists on your individual account. In addition, you can ask the Google Home device what it is able to do, and it will explain all the different ways it can help you. Furthermore, you can connect the Google home to your TV and tell the Google Home to connect to play different shows from different applications. You can also can manage devices from your phone and the Google Home.

The Google Home is a good home audio device that is generally easy to use and can make your home more connected. It is important to spend some time to do Google Home troubleshooting before you start using your device.

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How to Zoom In and Out on Part of a PowerPoint Presentation

powerpoint logo

Microsoft PowerPoint lets you zoom in and out on a specific part of your PowerPoint slideshow, which can be handy both while editing and for drawing attention to important objects or ideas during the presentation. Here’s how to do it.

Whether you’re in normal view or slideshow view, PowerPoint lets you zoom in and out as the need arises. There are a few ways you can do this, depending on which view you’re in.

The first method is by using the zoom bar at the bottom-right of the window (which isn’t available in the slideshow view). This method is convenient as the zoom bar is immediately accessible. To use the zoom bar,  click and drag the bar left or right to zoom out or in, respectively. You can also resize the slide to fit your current window by clicking the box to the right of the zoom bar.

Using the Zoom Bar gif

Another method is using the “Zoom” tool, found on the “View” tab.

zoom option found in view tab

In the “Zoom” window, you can select a zoom percentage from the list of available options or enter a precise percentage into the “Percent” box. Once ready, click “OK,” and your slide will zoom to the selected amount.

Select the zoom percentage from the dialogue box

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Why is Skin Care Regimen Important?

skin care regimen
Image Courtesy : Burst via pexels.com

People who have diabetes and auto-immune diseases are prone to skin damage and wounds which when left untreated can result in serious health issues. One of my friend’s parents underwent something similar when they visited a dermatologist for help with extremely cracked feet. While taking the necessary treatment, it turned out that some infection spread from the cracked heel to the entire leg immediately within a day and pus started to pour out of the wound. It has been over a month and the wound is still undergoing treatment.

This is when I realized skin care is not just about vanity but has a long term impact on your health. Skin is the biggest protection against germs and environmental assaults on our body. Over time neglect, from a few weeks to few years, can damage this barrier and the effects are usually visible instantly when you begin to see your skin cracking or turning extremely dry. What we do not realize is that if we let this damage continue, especially when we are above 30 and our skin repair capabilities reduce, we are putting our health at jeopardy and no critical illness cover or health insurance for parents takes care of those expenses.

How to create a basic skin care regimen?

1. Moisturizing is Important.

Whether you are a guy or a gal, applying a body lotion is not just about looking good. It keeps skin from cracking and stops the dead skin build up. One of my friends also shared that not applying lotion caused a lot of itching when she was pregnant which in turn lead to a lot of stretch marks.

2. Cutting nails is Important.

I am not so sure how true this is for the current generation but I remember seeing my grandparents’ nails to have grown and hardened so much that they would look like claws. Recently I saw someone in mid-thirties doing the same. Not only does it look extremely unkempt but it can be dangerous for you since the nail becomes brittle leading to a bad case of nail breakage.

3. Foot Care must be Impeccable.

You do not have to take regular pedicures but soaking your feet for 10 minutes in warm water once a month and following up with moisturizing twice a day is enough to keep the heels soft and crack-free. It is easier to cut nails when they have been soaked in warm water. Wash your socks after one wear and keep your shoes clean and odour-free.

Skin care regimens and grooming are usually familial hand-me-downs. Children follow what they see their parents doing. As we are moving towards a new year, protect your family’s health by helping your loved ones cultivate healthy skin care regimen as a part of their daily routine.

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The Body Shop Hemp Range – Lip protector, Hand Cream and Foot Protector

The Body Shop Hemp Range - Lip protector, Hand Cream and Foot Protector

The body shop hemp range is one of my favorites from the brand apart from their spa of the world range. I have not yet given the hemp body butter a try but may be its time and season for it now! So, let me get on with how I like the hemp lip protector, hand cream and foot protector. My favorite of them all is the hemp foot protector which is amazing.

The Body Shop Hemp Lip Protector

Price : Rs 400 approx.

This is your usual chap stick. I felt this one a little sticky and does not go smoothly on the lips and I felt I needed several swipes before my lips felt moisturized. A better way to use this is if you apply a layer of vaseline and finish with a layer of the body shop hemp lip protector for longer protection.

It stays for almost two hours and you have to reapply after eating or drinking anything. It lasted almost four months of regular use which is pretty decent. Overall, I can skip this in the future.

The Body Shop Hemp Range - Lip protector, Hand Cream and Foot Protector

The Body Shop Hemp Hand Cream

Price : Rs 1,025

The major heroes of the body shop hemp range are its hand and foot cream. This is extremely heavy and thick in texture but if you take just enough, it gets absorbed instantly and keeps hands protected all night long.

I usually apply it only at nights and I have to say it really helps with extremely dry and cracked skin. The skin on my fingers get cracks if I work too much with household cleaners and in dust and this is amazing for them.

In fact, I absolutely love the body shop hemp hand cream over all others including the L’Occitane Shea hand cream.

The Body Shop Hemp Range - Lip protector, Hand Cream and Foot Protector

The Body Shop Hemp Foot Protector

Price : Rs 900 approx.

A major hit from this range for me. I love the body shop hemp foot protector. The texture of the product is heavy and almost the same as hand cream. They might even be same, who knows? The difference is in the packaging and I so much prefer the metallic tube instead of the tub.

It is easier to control the quantity of the product when using the tube. Gets absorbed instantly and protects the feet. Helps with cracked skin though not dead skin so you have to buff them off with a pumice stone.

Both the body shop hemp hand cream and foot protector go right into my reorder list once I get over the existing ones. And, I have to say they last a long long time so they do not end up being really expensive in the long run.

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Windows 7’s July 2019 Security Patch Includes Telemetry

Windows 7 wallpaper

To the surprise of Windows watchers, the latest Windows 7 “security-only” update includes telemetry. The telemetry in question is Microsoft’s “Compatibility Appraiser,” which checks PCs for problems that could prevent upgrading to Windows 10.

As Woody Leonhard points out on Computerworld, this is pretty odd on Microsoft’s part—the telemetry code was previously available and is probably installed on your system already if you use Windows 7. But, it was restricted to the normal “cumulative” update rollups. As Ed Bott explains on ZDNet:

What was surprising about this month’s Security-only update, formally titled the “July 9, 2019—KB4507456 (Security-only update),” is that it bundled the Compatibility Appraiser, KB2952664, which is designed to identify issues that could prevent a Windows 7 PC from updating to Windows 10.

It’s hard to say exactly why Microsoft is trying to install the telemetry on all Windows 7 PCs now, but extended support for Windows 7 expires on January 14, 2020. Windows 7 users don’t have much time left before they should upgrade—just six months. Windows 7 is already nagging users about updates. Microsoft may want to understand how many Windows 7 machines are left in the wild and whether they have compatibility problems with new software.

When Ed Bott asked Microsoft why it added the telemetry code to this update, he received a “no comment.” As usual, Microsoft is making itself look bad by refusing to be transparent and explain what it’s doing. The security update doesn’t seem to bundle any code for upgrading to Windows 10.

We still always recommend installing security patches for your PC. After installation, you can stop the telemetry from running, if you like. As abbodi86 advises on the Ask Woody forums:

Disabling (or deleting) these scheduled tasks after installation (before reboot) should be enough to turn off the appraiser

MicrosoftWindowsApplication ExperienceProgramDataUpdater
MicrosoftWindowsApplication ExperienceMicrosoft Compatibility Appraiser
MicrosoftWindowsApplication ExperienceAitAgent

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Klein Tools Electrician Pocket Knife Review (Video)

Klein sent The Handyguys this pocket knife that includes key electrical tools. In this video, The Handyguys go through all the features for this Klein Tools Electrician Pocket Knife.  This knife is useful to more than just electricians. Give it a try for all of you home improvement needs.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGqZFZ4uhf0?feature=oembed&w=500&h=281]

This pocket knife has the obvious feature of a knife blade. This blade locks into place and can meet all your  knife needs. Remember to replace the blade when need be so that it stays sharp.

Other Klein Tools Electrician Pocket Knife Features

This knife also has electrical pliers for your electrical needs. The pocket knife has a feature to strip wires and a little screwdriver when you are in a pinch. The Handyguys recommend this knife as it has the very basics and is easy to carry around all the time.

Watch more Handyguys videos for helpful household hints and tools!

Klein Tools Electrician Pocket Knife
Klein Tools Electrician Pocket Knife

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