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The Best Reusable K-Cups for the Ethical Coffee Fiend

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Espresso machine filling a cup with empty K-cups and coffee beans scattered around it.
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All K-Cups last forever—and not in a good way. Why not help out the planet and get one you can use more than once? This list of reusable coffee pods will help you mitigate your polymer purge.

Someday, hundreds of years from now (or, probably, more like 20), people will gather ’round burning tires to spin oral yarns about what life was like in the “Before Times.”

“These little cups,” an elder will explain. “Made from strange, immutable materials, were left to us by the Gods to use as currency.”

At least, that’s what we hope they’ll think. The reality is we just want coffee. Fast. And, by God, if you can think of a better way to do it that doesn’t create eternal trash, then, by all means, have at it, Einstein!

But there is now a way you can keep using your Keurig without the guilt. There are loads of reusable K-Cups out there you can use with whatever variety of coffee grounds you like.

We’ve narrowed down some of the best options for you.

A Note on Compatibility

This list is comprised specifically of Keurig-compatible reusable coffee pods. But, that’s not a single category, considering the range of Keurig machines out there.

There are two generations of Keurig machines: 1.0 and 2.0. All of the below single-serve pods are compatible with both. The exceptions are the Carafe-size pods—these only fit in the 2.0 Keurigs, as they’re so dang big. That includes the Fill N Save Carafe listed below, and the Di Oro carafe pod that gets an honorable mention under the Di Oro Maxbrew.

“But what if I have the Keurig Vue?” you might ask. This black sheep of the Keurig machine family was discontinued in the summer of 2014, crushed under the freshly treaded wheels of the Keurig 2.0 rollout. We don’t talk about the Vue anymore. If you must, you might be able to wrangle an adapter, but no promises on compatibility with any of the below.

Best Budget Option: GoodCups ($11)

Six Goodcups.

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