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Adopt These 4 Reasonable Summer Fitness Goals to Avoid Burnout

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For many people, the onset of summer means the start of grandiose fitness goals to get in shape for swimsuit season. It’s a lot easier and more productive to set reasonable goals though—here’s how.

Lots of us set new fitness goals every year in preparation for the summer. The problem is we tend to set rigorous goals with the expectation of seeing results within a very short amount of time. By the time we realize our bodies can’t keep up with our ambitions, disappointment sets in. However, goals can be much more attainable and inspiring than that.

The good news is that all it takes to have a more positive personal experience over the summer is a small change in mindset. The moment we realize instant gratification shouldn’t be applied to fitness goals, and that good things take time, we’ll be more receptive towards the achievement of smaller objectives, and our success rate will inevitably increase. 

Whether it’s giving jogging a try, becoming more flexible or getting stronger, there are a variety of objectives you could easily work on over the summer to keep your spirits high and your self-confidence strong and healthy. If you’re looking for inspiration for reasonable summer fitness goals for this year, read on to find out about four options you can easily adopt into the lifestyle you’re ready to embark on.

Become More Flexible

If you’re not particularly active, deciding to increase your level of flexibility is a good way to ease into a more active lifestyle. For as simplistic as this activity may seem, the benefits are significant and involve both body and mind. 

Post-workout dynamic stretching and yoga, for instance, can help improve range of motion and muscle elasticity and even lower the chances of muscle injury. Furthermore, they help in stress and tension release, making you feel re-energized and more agile at the end of every session. 

Whether you decide to work on being able to touch your toes or do a specific yoga pose, all you need to do is practice for a few minutes every day. That’s part of the beauty of stretching: it doesn’t take up much time of your day, it doesn’t require a lot of space, and it comes with a variety of benefits. 

Consistency and determination are key. The more often you practice, the faster you’ll notice a change. This mindset is at the core of any fitness goal, which is why starting easy with something as simple as improving your flexibility can be the driving force behind greater goals. 

Hold a Plank For A Certain Number of Minutes

Planks are another easy way to test your fitness level. Holding a plank, whether it’s by standing on your elbows or your hands, requires a fair amount of core strength to last for longer than a few seconds. Holding one for longer than one minute is already a clear indicator of a strong core, the set of muscles located around your abdomen that can help with good posture and prevention of lower back pain. 

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