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Organic Riot Spotlight Cream for Elbows, Hands and Knees

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Organic Riot Spotlight Cream for Elbows, Hands and Knees

I know I have been sporadic on the blog for the past few years now. Not to give any excuse but daily routine and life in general has been very chaotic and there is a serious lack of discipline. Hopefully, it settles down this time. Anyways, talking about today’s product, I came across Organic Riot less than a month back and they have been kind enough to send out their products. So, let me talk about Organic Riot Spotlight Cream first.

Organic Riot Spotlight Cream – Special Care for your Elbows, Hands and Knees

Price : Rs 1,120 for 50 gms
Availability : Online Website

Organic Riot Spotlight Cream Ingredients

As you can see, it has both mango and kokum butter with coconut oil which makes it extremely rich. I love its ingredients list and if you would like to know what each ingredient is specifically used for, please visit their website on the above link. They have a very detailed information on each ingredient and how it is helpful for our skin.

Organic Riot Spotlight Cream for Elbows, Hands and Knees, organic riot spotlight serum ingredients

My Review

First things first. I really like their aesthetics. Their other serum which is called Dazzle also comes in the same look but in red. Organic Riot Spotlight cream comes in a tube with a fliptop cap which is easy to carry. The cream is brown in color and smells of vanilla bean which I absolutely love. The texture of the cream is medium thick and spreads easily.

The highlight of Organic Riot Spotlight is that it is a treatment for skin which gets extremely dry, does not get easily cleaned and thickens over time like our elbows and knees, especially. This was the major reason I tried out this cream. My elbows are darker and no matter which body butter I use, nothing seems to help smoothen the area.

Organic Riot Spotlight Cream for Elbows, Hands and Knees
The cream does get dried up around the flip top if you do not clean it properly!

So, did the Organic Riot spotlight cream help? Well, yes! Given that the quantity is only 50gms, I just tried out this cream on my elbows and hands. It definitely smoothened my elbow skin and it is more moisturized now and the area is relatively less rough. Repeated application of this cream has helped in keeping my elbows smoother even on days when I would not apply it. For those interested, my elbows have not lightened yet.

But, my hands is a different story altogether. The skin near my fingers have started to crack badly for a few years now whenever I start doing dusting or wash utensils and the cracks would not go away for months even after continuous moisturizing and other treatments. Organic riot spotlight keeps my hands well-moisturized though it did not make any difference to the cracks. I think it requires more specialized treatment.

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Organic Riot Spotlight Cream for Elbows, Hands and Knees
On How to Use?

One thing which I have to mention here is that this product is definitely easy to carry but is not travel-friendly. No, the tube or fliptop does not leak but the product melts in high temperatures. So, I stored the tube in fridge. Keeping it in my drawer was also making it a little runny and I liked the feel of cool cream in this hot weather. I do not think it a problem, just a minor inconvenience which goes away in colder areas and climate.

Whenever I apply it, my hands smell of vanilla but the fragrance is not strong. I enjoy it. I like to keep applying it especially when I am working on the laptop as constant typing dries out the hands. Yes, it is an expensive product given that it would last you at most a month. It does what it says so that’s good.  Overall, I enjoyed using the organic riot spotlight cream.

Do you also suffer from dry hands or dark and thick elbows?

What do you do? Which product works for you? Do you have any recommendations for my cracked hands? Share your tips and tricks in the comments section below on how you keep your elbows and knees moisturized and soft.

See you again! Au Revoir. Hasta Luego.

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