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Aukey’s New 30-Watt USB-C PD Brick Is a Must-Have for Your Gadget Bag

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Aukey's 30-watt USB-C PD charger
Cameron Summerson

If you’re in the market for a nice little charger to toss in your bag for on-the-go use, Aukey’s new dual-port, 30-watt USB-C PD charger should at least make your shortlist.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s not some game-changing device that’s going to enhance the way you juice up your devices in a life-altering way. It’s just a useful, compact charger with a lot of oomph for its size.

It features a pair of ports on the back: a 30-watt USB-C port with Power Delivery, and a standard 5-volt, 2.4-amp USB-A port. The maximum output is 30 watts if you use the USB-C port by itself. This is slower than most stand-alone chargers that ship with power-hungry devices like laptops, but it gets the job done (albeit, a bit slower).

How much slower, you ask? I did a bit of real-world-comparison testing to find out. First, I compared the Aukey charger with the stock charger from my Pixelbook (which is rated at 45 watts) on both the Pixelbook and the Pixel 3a. I also compared the Aukey to the Pixel 3a’s stock charger on just the 3a (since the 3a’s charger doesn’t put out enough power to charge the Pixelbook without putting it in sleep mode).

The Pixelbook charger next to the Aukey.
The Pixelbook charger (left) next to the Aukey (right). Cameron Summerson

I tested the Pixelbook at 15% and 25% remaining battery on the stock and Aukey chargers, with the device at 50% brightness. Here are the results:

Spreadsheet comparing Pixelbook charging times with the stock charger and Aukey USB-C charger.

The charging times weren’t much different. The 45-watt Pixelbook charger juiced the laptop about half an hour faster than the 30-watt Aukey. Given the Aukey’s smaller, more portable size (and more versatile use), this is a worthwhile trade-off. I keep the stock charger plugged up at my desk and the Aukey in my bag.

I also tested the Pixel 3a at 25% with the stock, Pixelbook, and Aukey chargers (using the USB-C port on the Aukey):

Spreadsheet comparing Pixel 3a charging times with the stock, Pixelbook, and Aukey chargers.

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