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Sephora Hair Sleeping Mask – Rose

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Sephora Hair Sleeping Mask - Rose, hair cap, sephora hair cap, cloth hair cap

My friend is on her trip to US and I was browsing through Sephora to order a few things which my friend would bring back from her trip. That was when I came across the sephora hair sleeping mask range. Anything which promises to condition my hair, grow my hair or make it beautiful is always on top of my list.

In US, it is available at 5$ a piece but before ordering it in bulk, I thought I would give it a try. That was when I made the trip to Sephora Hyderabad for the first time. I picked up the sephora hair sleeping mask and their hand mask gloves. That was around 15 days back. And, now, I am back with a review for it. Was it worth it?

Sephora Hair Sleeping Mask – Rose

Price : Rs 450 per piece
Availability : Sephora Online or Stores

My Review

I got the rose variant but I think I should have tried the coconut. It is far more moisturizing though I though rose would be a treat to the senses. I am happy to say the fragrance does not even bother or linger beyond a few seconds. Sephora hair sleeping mask is not a product which will make your headache right when you open the packet.

The sephora hair sleeping mask comes in a single pouch divided into conditioner and hair cap. Well, I love the hair cap. It is cute, made of cloth so very soft and washable and very light weight. You do not feel that you have put on anything on your head while sleeping which is extremely important for a good sleep.

Sephora Hair Sleeping Mask - Rose, hair cap, sephora hair cap, cloth hair cap

Coming to the conditioner, the quantity is very less. No, for me, it lasted two uses but my hair length and volume are extremely low. If you have a good volume of mid waist length, sephora hair sleeping mask would probably cover the lower half of your hair. So, yes, for the price, the quantity is extremely insufficient. You might as well buy a hair mask and a cloth hair cap separately.

Anyways, getting back to the review, after combing my hair, I smoothened the conditioner on the lengths of my hair and I applied scalp treatment by Kaya. After securing the hair on top of my head so it does not get in the way of sleep, I put on the hair cap. As I mentioned earlier, it is extremely light weight and you would not feel it is there.

The problem with the hair cap is that it is small in size. For those with a good volume, the cap would cover only the bun of your hair and not the entire scalp defeating the purpose of letting the body heat allow for deeper hair conditioning overnight. It also does not stay at one place so I used a scarf to make sure no conditioner gets on my pillow.

Another disadvantage with the hair cap is the elastic, even though it is very soft, will dig into your hair line or forehead eventually by next morning which makes it inconvenient to use. The good thing about sephora hair sleeping mask is that its conditioner dries off in about 30 minutes so it does not really stick to the skin or clothes. But, I would definitely suggest a scarf over it.

Sephora Hair Sleeping Mask - Rose, hair cap, sephora hair cap, cloth hair cap, how my hair looked
My hair is glossy and extremely soft to touch. Though it has turned greasy now after two days, the softness is just the same. The frizz was definitely less and volume at the crown was awesome! That lasted a day.

The next morning, you can shampoo and condition your hair as you do. My hair was bouncy and voluminous with defined curls. The ends were not looking that nourished but then I need a hair cut badly. My hair was shiny and glossy. The results were consistent for both uses and lasted for two days before they got greasy.

Now, please note that my hair is very fine even though it is dry so any deep conditioning would weigh it down eventually. And, it is very hot here so the scalp also gets greasy sooner. But, with regular use of the hair sleeping mask, I think hair would get more manageable and shinier in the long run. It is almost like getting a hair spa.

So, was the sephora hair sleeping mask worth it? Well, the idea is to allow those people who do not have much time to keep the conditioner on their hair for as long as possible. But, did you know that any product stops working on your hair after 2-3 hours? Same goes for this product as well.

Hair Sleeping Mask DIY

In fact, this is a good idea to nourish your hair once a week. Apply any of your favorite hair mask, not conditioner, on slightly damp hair or dry hair and let it dry for 30 minutes. Cover with the hair cap or a scarf whichever you prefer and go to sleep. Wash and style as usual the next day. It saves time, gets your hair spa-ready and the results are mind blowing.

Have you used any hair sleeping mask?

Have you heard about skin sleeping masks? My favorite is Laniege. Similar to the idea, I think hair sleeping masks are a great way to give yourself a hair spa and nourish your hair. The trick is to find the right hair mask. What do you think?

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