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Enorgen Biotin Nutritional Supplements

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Enorgen Biotin Nutritional Supplements

I have always wanted long hair but as it is, my hair genes are probably not as good as the skin. My body does not absorb enough nutrients to let it feed the hair and whatever it absorbs seems like being discarded according to the latest analysis by the doctor!! Lately I have had a lot of hair fall so when I heard from Enorgen, I was only happy to oblige them by reviewing their biotin supplements.

I am sure you are already aware of the immense attention biotin has got for its hair restoring capabilities. We also have a recipe for an original and healthy biotin drink if you are into making a smoothie everyday for yourself!! I would highly suggest it as a pre-workout or post-workout drink or as a breakfast supplement.  Coming back to the biotin nutritional supplements for women, these tablets claims it may improve hair growth and hair strength.  

Enorgen Biotin Nutritional Supplements Product Review

Price : Rs 999 for 60 capsules

Dosage : 1 capsule per day

Availability : Online Website

Enorgen Biotin Nutritional Supplements


Contains 10000 mcg Biotin (Vitamin B7) along with 60 mg Calcium Phosphate, dibasic, and 325 mg proprietary blend of Soy Isoflavinoids, Saffron Extract, Brahmi Extract, Nirgundi Extract, Grape Seed Extract & Vitamin C

My Review

The enorgen biotin nutritional supplements for women come in a pack of 60 tablets at a reasonable price of Rs 999. It claims that it may improve hair growth and strength along with strengthening the nails. It may also help improve the complexion and have anti-aging effects on skin.

Enorgen combines the power of Ayurveda with science. So, while creating this biotin nutritional supplement, they came up with a blend of biotin, calcium phosphate, soy isoflavonoids, saffron, brahmi, nirgundi and grapeseed extract to provide an overall nutritional supplement!!

Regarding results, I am not going to comment much on it since it is a nutritional supplement. They are always dicey and so much of the results depends on your lifestyle, complete diet and health conditions. This is also the reason why I am reiterating to get a doctor’s recommendation before taking any nutritional supplement.

Enorgen Biotin Nutritional Supplements
If you look at the tablets, the powdered formula is wrapped in gel capsules. It is recommended to take one capsule a day.

Biotin is supposed to nourish your hair, skin, liver and nervous system. It is also one of the important vitamins essential for pregnant ladies. One of the most important natural sources of biotin are eggs, bananas, flax seeds, nuts and nut butters.

It is not easy to get a biotin deficiency but it may not be enough in your system to nourish your hair, skin and nails which is why supplements are recommended. Usually, vitamins are minerals are first used for more functional responsibilities of the body. Cosmetic functions take a backseat.

I did notice my skin is more smoother and firmer but then I do use other skin care products. However, my hair has not seen any significant improvement and I would not blame the supplements for that. My diet and lifestyle are not healthy currently and there are number of factors for my bad hair right from no care at all.

Till then, Swathy.

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