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My Hair Diary – May 2019

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It has been more than two years I have done a post in this series. Keeping a hair diary was fun for me! This last month I have experimented a bit with a different way to deep condition my hair which I shall talk about in the post. So, let’s start.

Honestly, till date, if I have to look back, the products which helped my hair maximum were the cysteine treatment, defabulous shampoo and conditioner duo and kama neelibrigandi hair oil. The transformed my hair in a completely different and great way and I would recommend them to you anytime.

Overnight Deep Conditioning

So, you would have read my review on the Sephora overnight hair mask. Well, I used the same concept with a different hair product once I ran out of the conditioner in the pack – parachute coconut creme oil. Well, honestly, the overnight treatment with this one was not really great.

But, I am sure I can get the same results with some other deep conditioning product. I did try another overnight treatment with olaplex no. 3 but again it was not very successful. But, to be honest, olaplex is not a deep conditioning treatment but a bond builder so you can not expect the same results from it.

Wash Hair when Needed

This is something I often fail at. You have to and must wash your hair as soon as you find your scalp getting greasy, products being too heavy for your hair or even when it is too exposed to environmental factors like sun and pollution.

I do not do it and I do find my hair falling a lot more consequently. Where as, if I am regularly washing it, the hair fall is considerably less and even non-existent. Also, use shampoo and conditioner mentioned for your hair type. Improper usage also leads to greasy scalp and stringy looking hair.

Products Used

Shampoo – Conditioner : OGX Morroccan

Hair Oil / Deep Conditioning : Parachute Coconut Creme Oil + Sephora overnight hair mask

I am also trying to grow out my hair. I am due for a hair cut for a very long time so I am gonna go for it this week. And, I am also traveling the entire month so I have to carry my shampoo and conditioner along. So, let’s see how the month goes for my hair. Will update in the next hair diary.

Till then, Swathy.

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